Beatriz Murguido

Chief Luxury Wedding Planner and Founder

Beatriz Murguido

Beatriz Murguido is our Chief Luxury Wedding Planner and Founder. Her name instantly aligns with elegance, expertise, and an extraordinary eye for detail. Born and raised in the sprawling city of Brooklyn, NY, Beatriz’s journey towards becoming a hotel catering manager and eventually a luxury wedding planner is one brimming with passion and dedication.

From an early age, Beatriz was mesmerized by celebrations and the art of creating unforgettable moments. As she stepped into her role as a hotel catering manager, her innate talent for seamlessly orchestrating extravagant events began to shine.

With 30 years of experience tucked under her belt, Beatriz’s creativity and unparalleled organizational skills surpassed all expectations. Staying true to her vision of bringing dreams to life, she ventured into the dazzling world of luxury wedding planning. Couples sought Beatriz for her impeccable taste and unwavering commitment to understanding their desires, ensuring that their special day was reminiscent of a fairy tale.

With each wedding she curates, Beatriz passionately sculpts magical experiences that transport guests into a realm of pure bliss, reminding us all that love truly does conquer all. Through her unwavering dedication, Beatriz has etched her name in the hearts of countless newlyweds, forever immortalizing her as the enchantress of luxury weddings, the woman who turns dreams into reality, and the architect of fairy tale love stories.